November 11, 2006

Diary of Anne Dirk - Continued

November 10, 2006 (Post election, Amerika)

Dear Diary

There is a small hole in the wall of the attic where my family and I have lived in hiding since Adolf Chaney and the corporate death squads came to our town. During the day when people are at work in the blog below us, I sit in a chair and watch the coming and goings of what small portion of the world remains to me.

Terrible things are happening in my town. Squads of deadly S.S. Neocon troopers are stopping people everywhere and asking for their papers. They are checking for party affiliation. People like me are being rounded up and made to wear a bright blue L on the front of their jackets. We are hated for who we are...

At night we can hear the engines of the allied Liberal bombers as they make their way towards the Republican strongholds of Senate and Congress. The earth quakes under the assault of Kennedy rockets and Pelosi cluster bombs. Can they root the asses-of-evil from their Washington fortresses before our small town is destroyed?

I am just a tiny adolescent girl; does God hear the prayers of liberal children? Even if the allied forces of the Democratic Army arrive too late to save my family and myself, I pray they make life better for future generations.

Yours Truly

Anne Dirk

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Blogger Meander said...

seems you are making quite a name for yourself here. what will you do with all this fame?

November 12, 2006 8:50 AM  
Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hear there is an underground railroad. It can take you and your family safely to Canada until things calm down here. As soon as I can get some information I'll pass it on to you. Tell no one! I wasn't here...

November 12, 2006 10:52 PM  

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