June 26, 2011

Who can take the sunrise...

As Bohemian as it gets.

One of the best things about following the band, Days of Future Passed, is the different venues they're playing on this particular tour. This past Saturday night, the rock and roll coterie; Phil, Elaine and myself found ourselves traveling to Eaton, Ohio for an evening of Moody Blues music performed by our new best friends, Days of Future Passed. The establishment for the evening's show was a little place called Taffys. My first impressions were not so good as tired and weary from the road trip we immediately sought food and beverage to restore our flagging spirits. Unfortunately. the food was not ready and I couldn't even get a cup of coffee. I was not impressed.

Phil, Elaine and I milled around for a bit until I was quite ready to call it an evening and return to Dayton, Ohio. That would have been one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. About the time I was going to give up on Taffys and head for the exit door a gentleman named, Manfred Schreyer, entered the establishment and brought with him a spirit of hospitality and friendship that brought the place to life. He immediately set about preparing delightful chicken salad sandwiches on Bagels and coffee creations that were simply delicious. He served up a generous helping of warmth and camaraderie that made me glad I'd stuck around. Seems we'd just arrived early. Heck, the band was still setting up.

Manfred R. Schreyer, proprietor and host extraordinaire.

Manfred is one of those rare souls that has never met a stranger. A simple handshake is a bond of friendship and once you're a friend you are a friend for life. He is the heart and soul of Taffys and it is his warm and cheerful spirit that breathes life into this small establishment. Taffys is a stage upon which Manfred performs the magical art of the good time. Surrounded with a clever set of props including the famous vault of beer and the coffee table book of performers who've played this intimate venue Manfred masterfully facilitates dining and the imbibing of quality beverages. The man puts on a show that makes the journey to Taffys worth every mile traveled.

I came all this way just to grill out?

Give me a club where I can grill out and listen to good music and I'm one happy camper. All I did was step outside to grab a quick cigarette and the next thing I knew I was in charge of grilling burgers, but that's one of the things I quickly grew to like about Manfred. Everyone seems to play a part in the success of the evening's entertainment whether it is the patrons sitting in the beer vault making recommendations or in my case manning the grill and serving up fresh burgers. The atmosphere at Taffys is a group effort and it is all the warmer and more intimate because of everyone's efforts. I like that a lot.

And of course, there's the band...

Days of Future Passed couldn't have picked a more perfect venue to showcase their musical talents. Taffys is all about the music, there are no dart boards, no pool tables, no pinball machines or televisions blaring sporting events. Taffys isn't about trying to provide every form of entertainment to every potential customer. Taffys is about good food, quality libations and music. Distractions are kept to a minimum and guests are able to concentrate on the musical performances without having to tune out a myriad of noise sources. The atmosphere definitely enhanced the enjoyment of the evening and it was nice to see a gathering of people who came out to Taffys for one reason, to hear good music performed by talented musicians. The audience was not disappointed. Days of Future Passed have quickly become one of my favorite local bands. They're talented and they play Moody Blues music. They'll take you up, they'll bring you down and they'll plant your feet back firmly on the ground. I'd travel anywhere to hear them play and I encourage my readers to check them out. Seriously, they're doing something unique and so far they're doing it in a number of unique and interesting clubs.

Taffys and Days of Future Passed were a winning combination. If you live in or around the Dayton, Ohio metro area a trip to Eaton, Ohio to visit Manfred at Taffys is a refreshing change of pace from so many of the cookie cutter clubs that offer nothing other than a thousand distractions rather than a focused approach to good music and good times. Taffys is about people, music and good times. I fell in love with the place and I'm betting you will too.

Manfred, you're on my A-List and I'm hoping you'll bring Days of Future Passed back in the near future so Phil, Elaine and I will have a reason to come up and visit with you again.

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