November 3, 2006

Maybe You Should Flush That Thing...

I began this morning like so many others before it; I consumed a healthy bowl of vitamin enriched cable news flakes (with marshmallow headlines) and shortly thereafter found myself perched upon the virtual toilet seat waiting for the inevitable movement I knew would soon follow.

As I sat there reading my morning copy of the Propaganda Times I felt a familiar clamping sensation. Suddenly my head started to reel and I felt a whippet-like-roaring rush through my consciousness and I thought for sure I was about to pass out. Dude, it was like tripping...

After a moment or two my head began to clear and I knew something big had happened. Sure enough, when I stood up and looked down, what do you think I saw floating around in my virtual toilet bowl? That's right, a big ole giant blog of a thing.

It was huge-normous! It had kernels of idea in it and gooey clusters of dialogue. There were even some pieces; I couldn't tell if they were Peanuts or bits of old Doonesbury I hadn't quite been able to digest. After careful examination of the stinky blog I reached out for the handle to delete the thing. But then I got to thinking, everyone else seems to be leaving their blogs floating around for everyone to look at, why shouldn't I? (Heck, I've even seen some of them being talked about on the cable news shows.) So that's just what I decided to do.

Well now, as the day has passed all kinds of people have dropped by and wouldn't you know it, they have all had something to say about that giant blog. One person said, "Man, something must have died inside of you to make a blog like that come out." An elderly lady suggested that if I were to add some moral fiber to my diet I wouldn't have that problem any more. One young person said I'd probably have to break it up some with a coat hanger before attempting to delete it or it would probably clog up the pipes on my screen saver. It never occurred to me before today just how interested in other peoples mental crap folks really are.

Okay, by now you’re probably wondering where this piece is headed and let me assure you that there is indeed a moral to this story. You see, I've learned something today. Once I saw how interested some viewers seemed to be in the blog floating around my own internet toilet bowl, I went out and perused a few blogs stinking up the websites of other folk.

Now, adding one thing to another, to discover the sum total of all things, which I have not yet discovered, this one thing I have learned. I've discovered that blogs are a lot like a$$holes and even though everyone seems to have one, not all of them smell as bad as the Christian Conservative ones do. He-he...

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November 2, 2006

Feasting on lamb...

Tonight I watched Keith Oberman call out George W. Bush for the punk he is. I applauded as he laid out, in no uncertain terms, the wrongs this president and his pack of unscrupulous jackals have committed upon the American people. Mr. Oberman also correctly identified the evils perpetrated upon us by the sycophants surrounding Mr. Bush in the name of preserving personal positions of power. It was media at its finest.

As much as I applauded Mr. Oberman’s rebuke of our leaders I felt that he left one important group of people unscathed. They are as guilty of the crimes committed upon our nation as those of the President and his band of thieves. I speak of the power base responsible for electing George W. Bush to office in the first place; the Christian conservatives and the false prophets who currently man the pulpits of their churches.

The Holy Bible which the Christian conservatives claim to place complete faith and belief in teaches us that the leaders of a country reflect the spiritual condition of the nation and of the church contained in its borders. What do the characteristics of our current president reflect of the congregations of our country? What is the state of health of the body of Christ in our churches today?

Our president is intolerant of others who think and believe differently than himself. He is also willing to bear false witness if it serves to achieve his personal aspirations. Mr. Bush never apologizes and is unrepentant even when proven in error beyond a shadow of a doubt. Our leader is a man who seeks to profit instead of to serve. He keeps a firm grip upon the reins of power through manipulation of our fears. George W. Bush plays to the base nature in us instead of the best in us.

When I see the conservative pastors swarming in adoration around this president like flies feeding upon carrion meat I am sickened by the foul odor that emanates from them. They sit and eat from plates of gold while our sons and daughters are served up to Moloch upon the plate of Iraq. All in the name of personal profit... The leader is the mind that reflects the health of the body and right now the body of the church is sick.

George W. Bush was elected to office with the help of false preachers who willingly collaborated by leading their flocks astray. Their desire to sit in high places with earthly kings rather than serve the people in humble ways is the highest form of the sin of pride. Where were they seeking their riches? Whose throne did they desire to sit before?

In the name of God, I rebuke you! You have sinned and through your arrogance and desire for personal power you have divided the flock of God and set it against itself. You have poisoned the lambs of God with the milk of intolerance and hatred. Now, you stand idle and watch as they tear at each other with violent words and deeds. You smile with smug satisfaction as though you have achieved something wonderful in the eyes of god.

Wake up America! There are false prophets in our midst. They are bringing sickness to our churches and evil upon our nation. These wicked men must be stopped. How do you recognize them? They are the preachers who stand at the pulpit speaking politics instead of the words of God. They speak evil of your fellow man instead of exhorting you to love him. Rebuke these pariahs and cleanse yourselves of their poison. Embrace your neighbor, Democrat or Republican, for more important than political affiliation is our family unity in Christ’s love. Amen...

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October 31, 2006

Hiding Behind "The Old Rugged Cross."

An important election is almost upon us and there are a couple of things I need to say. For six years now we’ve been bamboozled by the rhetorical histrionics about homosexual marriage and stem cell research as a group of conservative carpet baggers have pillaged the American economy, entangling us in a war only Halliburton and Associates have profited from and nearly destroyed the middle class of our country in the process.

This is not the first time a group of leaders have used the legitimate trappings of religion to lead a congregation and a nation astray. Again and again in the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian Bible one discovers what are called times of “Apostasy”. These times of apostasy are characterized by corrupt leaders draping themselves in cloaks of self righteousness, while taking the choicest of all things for themselves, while the common people suffered. While claiming moral superiority these leaders were no better than thieves and moral degenerates.

If you ignore the rhetoric and judge only the actions of the current leaders in the House, Senate and Presidency, do their actions speak of honor, integrity and genuine concern for the welfare of the people in their charge? They do not! Their actions speak of individual greed, graft, corruption and moral depravity. While these wicked leaders beguile us with words of family values they sacrifice our children in a war started with lies. While our sons and daughters are paying the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms our sinful leaders deny brave soldiers’ families the benefits necessary to maintain a home front.

While urging us to take action against the homosexual in our midst they prey upon our children through the internet and engage in a cover up using the same tactic as Adam when confronted with his sin, he blamed someone other than himself. It was not us, it was the Liberals?

Where are the concepts of personal responsibility and repentance in this group of individuals claiming moral superiority? According to the Conservatives in power they are responsible for nothing, and the victims of everything!

As this group of vipers howl at the top of their lungs about Liberals raising taxes, they remain strangely silent about the fiscal irresponsibility with the taxes already collected. Where is the surplus they were entrusted with when they took power?

We've been blindfolded with the flag and our ears have been deafened to the truth by the rhetoric of intolerance. Homosexuals have been made a scapegoat by truly evil men hiding their own iniquities. Can the current Conservative leaders pass the test of, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”? They can not! Think carefully and then cast your vote based upon deed and not rhetoric. Take your eyes off of the "Old Rugged Cross" held aloft by the Republican party and focus upon the record of their deeds. Perhaps you’ll see why they are slinging so much mud instead of listing accomplishments. Think, and then ask yourself, how would Jesus vote?

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