April 24, 2017

Happy birthday, Big Boy!

Happy Birthday from, Hellboy!

Happy tenth Birthday, son! Do you still remember when you and I used to watch Hellboy movies and share Oreo snacks? We'd sit side by side in our chairs watching movies, enjoying milk and cookies and it was so good. I haven't forgotten and I never will.

I love you so very much and I miss you. Have a great birthday, hug your momma for me and tell her I love her.

See you next year?

April 24, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Happy Eighth Birthday!

I hope you know how much I love you. You were always my greatest joy, Micah. I hope you have a fantastic birthday today. Please give mom a big hug and tell her I love her.

Are you playing any sports yet? Do you have a cool bicycle yet? Gosh I sure do miss you.

Have a great birthday!

Nine years old, wow!

April 24, 2015

Another birthday? Already?

Happy Seventh Birthday!

When did you start growing up so fast? What is it now, third grade now? I hope you're doing good in school. My favorite subject in school was reading. Books are so wonderful and you can learn all kinds of cool stuff from them. I hope you like reading too.

Have a great birthday. Tell your mother I love her and give her an extra big hug for me this year, will you?

I'm so proud of you, Micah. I love and miss you like crazy! Be good?

April 24, 2014

Is someone having a birthday today?

Happy Seventh Birthday, Big Boy!

Second grade already? You're growing up so fast I can't believe it. You are making your daddy very proud. I love you so very much. Please be good for your mother. Tell her I love her and give her a big hug for me, will you?

Have a wonderful birthday and a great day!

April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nugget!

Happy Sixth Birthday, Micah!

Happy Birthday! I'm so excited you'll be going into the first grade this year. Pay attention to your teachers. Be good in class. I hope you love school as much as I did. (Well, maybe a little more than I did.)

I love you so much and I'm so proud of how well you're doing. Be a good boy for momma and tell her I love her. Will you give her a hug for me? Good boy.

June 13, 2012

When we walked in fields of gold...

What profit a nation to gain the world...

Throughout the course of  human history there have come moments where even the greatest of nations have allowed the darkest sides of their ideological nature to rise to the surface of their national identity and subsequently become sources of great evil in the world.  Even the the brightest of shinning lights upon the hill have experienced these moments of darkness.  More often than not these moments of darkness come upon a nation when wealth and power become concentrated in the hands of too few people.  Those individuals then become more focused upon what is good for their own personal interests and fortunes rather than what is best for a nation and it's people.

Unfortunately our nation is currently suffering through one of these periods of national neurosis.  Our nation's wealth and political power have become concentrated in too few hands.  Protecting their individual hoard of wealth and political influence has become more important to these handful of men than the greater good of our once great nation and it's once proud and noble people.  On a daily basis they sacrifice what is good and decent for what is profitable at all costs.  In collusion with the investment bankers of Wall Street this small group of men have perpetrated a great evil upon the global economy. 

Around the globe more and more countries are falling into economic ruins thanks to the morally bankrupt practices of the investment bankers of Wall Street and a handful of equally immoral individuals who have chosen individual wealth over the greater good of humanity.  Using deceptive practices ranging from predatory loans, mortgage bundling and arcane and obscure derivatives the investment bankers sold the world a bogus bill of goods that produced profit for no one but the sharks of Wall Street.  Although these irresponsible wealth addicts are not responsible for all of the economic ills of the world at this moment, they do bear a great amount of responsibility for causing the global economic house of cards to begin collapsing.

Love of wealth has distorted the moral fiber of a number of individuals in this country and unfortunately the amount of influence they currently wield because of their wealth, has subsequently perverted the national identity of our country.  These self obsessed individuals are spending large sums of money attempting to convince the rest of the general populace that what is best for them is what is best for us and everyone else in the world.  They are wrong.  Wealth and the protection of it is not what makes a nation great.  Compassion for humanity and fairness in all our actions towards our fellow man is what makes a nation a shining light on the hill.  We are a broken light shedding nothing but darkness right now.  We have lost our way upon the path of righteousness and it is time to call for repentance from those who have led the majority of us to the brink of financial ruin.  The one percent are wrong.  Wealth is not the answer to every problem. 

Compassion, caring and love of our fellow man is the answer to the problems we face as a global community today.  If the one percent need an idea for how to spend their wealth perhaps they should follow the example set long ago by the good Samaritan.  Instead of laughing at the poor and downtrodden around them they should follow the Samaritan's example and use their wealth to lift up and heal the wounded of the world.  The truth is that wealth hoarded destroys far more people than it helps.  The one percent are not the answer to our problems as a society right now, they are the cause of the problems.  Let's pray they wise up before their greed brings ruin to us all.

June 4, 2012

I'll stand by you....

A man of hope and vision.

Once again, adding one thing to another to discover the sum total of all things, which I have not yet discovered, this one thing I have discovered; Barrack Obama is the candidate I will be voting for in the November presidential election.  Barrack Obama has a vision geared towards the future of America and not not just one that rests upon the laurels of our past.

Barrack Obama has a vision of an America where the development of Green technologies will lead to the creation of new jobs rooted in the soil of tomorrow.  Barrack Obama isn't looking back and trying to preserve the old technological ways and the old money associated with these technologies.  I stand behind this vision one hundred percent.  Barrack Obama understands the hard fact that the technologies that once made our country strong in the past are not necessarily the technologies that will make our nation strong in the future.  Simply doing things as we've always done them is not a solution for success in the future.  We need to upgrade and adapt to a global technological paradigm that is quickly leaving America in the dust.  Barrack Obama understands the need for America to rethink, reinvent, redevelop, retool and rebuild our industrial infrastructure if we are to bring anything to global marketplace other than military weapons.  

Barrack Obama understands that the future doesn't begin in the future.  The future is built upon the foundations we build today.  Fossil fuels and the industries built around them are not the pathway to a better tomorrow.  Barrack Obama understands the reality that the most important thing we can leave to our children is clean water, clean air and a non-toxic environment in which to build their homes.  Without a clean environment there is no future for anyone.  Drill, Baby, drill is no longer a viable solution to the world's energy problems or the preservation of our planet.  The goal for the future viability of our planet and clean energy sources should be, "Heal, Baby heal".  I believe Barrack Obama accepts the reality of Global Warming.  He believes in the development of clean energy sources and technologies that reduce the pollutants in our planet's ecosystem.  I do too.

Barrack Obama understands that one individual's illness should not lead to the destruction of a family's future.  Health care costs are the single greatest financial threat to a family's security.  A single hospital stay can instantly wipe out a family's savings.  Unfortunately America is the only industrialized country in the world today where such a catastrophe is still allowed to occur.  Illness should not lead to financial ruin.  Whether the Health Care industry realizes the truth of this statement or not I do not care.  I believe in the truth of this statement.  Barrack Obama is trying to move our country into line with the most cultured and enlightened societies in the world today and I support his efforts.

Barrack Obama does not believe profit for the few leads to overall benefit for the many.  He believes in a future where Americans are more than consumers. He believes in the creation of jobs based upon newer and cleaner technologies.  He believes in the power of education to change the face of a society.  Barrack Obama believes that cutting entitlements for the poorest of people is of no value unless you cut the entitlements of the richest of people too.  Barrack Obama believes in a tax code where the rich pay their fair share.  Barrack Obama believes that a better future calls for investment by all of us and not simply sacrifice by the majority of us.  I believe in his vision of the future and the pathway he is laying out on how to get us there.  I will be voting for the individual I believe has the best in mind for the majority of us.  Trickle Down economics has never worked and never will work.  I'll be voting for the man who believes in leaving failed policies in the past and believes in trying new ideas to fix the problems of today that are dragging down the possibility of a brighter and better future for all of us living in America right now and not just protecting the wealth of a privileged few.  I'll be voting for Barrack Obama.

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