August 29, 2007

So live and let die...

You ain't so tough...

I was in the midst of doing dishes when I looked through the kitchen window above the sink and saw a sight that sent me running for the digital camera. The fly was surely thinking how lucky he was to be a housefly and the grasshopper was probably thinking, “So close and yet so far.” It was an awesome moment and I’m glad I got to capture it on film. Sometimes the difference between life and death is as tenuous as being on the right side of a pane of glass.

"Hey ,mom, can we watch Rug Rats again?"

For those who have requested some pictures of the little one I offer up this picture of him in the television room looking more entertaining than any reality show you care to name. My gosh he is just getting cuter with every passing day. You all had best be hiding your daughters because he is going to be a real lady killer.

"Yeah, I'm loving this..."

Micah is now eating his first solid foods. The doctor finally cleared him to begin eating rice cereal and the boy really seems to like it. I just can’t believe how much he’s grown in the four months since he’s been with us. I love him so very much and his momma even more so for bringing such a wonderful miracle into our lives.

Well, that about wraps it up for today. The summer is drawing to a close and winter will soon be upon us. I’m sure we'll all have much to blog about in the cold months ahead and I can hardly wait to read the stories you have to tell.

Peace and prosperity be to you all...

August 28, 2007

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...

Did Arcturus stay up and get eclipse photos for you?

Arcturus is too busy vacationing to act as our science advisory liaison so I will do my best to fill in for him and explain how a lunar eclipse really works. First off as the goddess of the night, Luna, and Quetzalcoatl race around the sun in their eternal struggle for predominance of the night time heavens every now and then he catches up to her. As Quetzalcoatl catches up to Luna he begins biting off pieces of the Goddess until he has swallowed her up. Now, the light of the moon is strong with feminine energy and she eventually proves too much for the tender stomach of the masculine Quetzalcoatl. Her divine light shows through the belly of great one until he is ill with the effects of her glory and he vomits her out into the nighttime skies once again.

Yes, its true! (I read it on the Internet somewhere...)

Where was the Wizened Wizard?

Yeah, like anyone was awake at the Wizened Wizard's forest of brotherly love at five in the morning. I 'll bet there was no one watching the eclipse at her place except for a couple of antelopes and a raggedy old looking Bigfoot. That's what you get when you hang out eating mushrooms with a pack of hippie gnomes. Why I'd bet good money the gnomes are in the forest illegally doing jobs that used to be performed by decent hard working American fairies.

H-m-m-m-p-h... Don't even get me started.

I was there for you, gentle readers.

Thats right, I was there for the whole experience with my entire family. As Felicia prepared the traditional breakfast of Quetzalcoatl corn cakes and Chihuahua sausage, Micah observed the event through a makeshift telescope I jury rigged for him using nothing more than an old kaleidoscope and three pencils. The dogs looked so cute in their lunar garb. We invited Michael Vick over to join us but he said he's kind of lost his taste for dog for a while.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this small taste of astronomical home cooking and be assured if anything else happens in the skies worth noting I'll be there to capture the moment while the rest of you are sleeping.

August 27, 2007

I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink...

Too pooped to pontificate...

Whew, I am still trying to catch my breath after what can only be described as a whirlwind week. I am just about finished sorting through what seems to be a million digital photos of one county fair, a Roller Derby event and nearly a week’s worth of photos taken during Pepper and Jane’s visit to our humble home in Dayton, Ohio. I have much to write about and during the next couple of days I will try to get everything covered.

Last week saw so many good things happen with our little blogger community; our good friend, Russkal, has returned to warm our hearts with light from the Midnight Oil. It is good to see him back. I’m sorry it took an injury to his knee to show him the light. Greenery in Baghdad is back. I know I speak for all of us when I say how worried we were for his safety and how happy we are that he is safe and sound and back in the blogging community. Please, go and say hello and welcome him home. Meander emailed me and invited me to her new blog! Meander, you are still my Sweet Tea and always will be.

Last but not least, what can I say about spending a week with Pepper and Jane? Felicia and I have new friends that are now a cherished part of our extended family. I am writing a follow up to our time together that I can only hope will adequately describe what we shared with these two wonderful souls. I will concur with Pepper’s analysis of the days we shared; it was one of the best visits we’ve ever had with anyone.

I’m sorry this is short but I’m still getting all the pieces ready for the next few posts. Jane may be seventy-seven years old but she wore me out.

Pepper, after reading about your first day in Kentucky I told you it was too soon to leave the comfy confines of our little neck of the woods.

Oh, I'm not even done with the stock market yet...

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