June 4, 2012

I'll stand by you....

A man of hope and vision.

Once again, adding one thing to another to discover the sum total of all things, which I have not yet discovered, this one thing I have discovered; Barrack Obama is the candidate I will be voting for in the November presidential election.  Barrack Obama has a vision geared towards the future of America and not not just one that rests upon the laurels of our past.

Barrack Obama has a vision of an America where the development of Green technologies will lead to the creation of new jobs rooted in the soil of tomorrow.  Barrack Obama isn't looking back and trying to preserve the old technological ways and the old money associated with these technologies.  I stand behind this vision one hundred percent.  Barrack Obama understands the hard fact that the technologies that once made our country strong in the past are not necessarily the technologies that will make our nation strong in the future.  Simply doing things as we've always done them is not a solution for success in the future.  We need to upgrade and adapt to a global technological paradigm that is quickly leaving America in the dust.  Barrack Obama understands the need for America to rethink, reinvent, redevelop, retool and rebuild our industrial infrastructure if we are to bring anything to global marketplace other than military weapons.  

Barrack Obama understands that the future doesn't begin in the future.  The future is built upon the foundations we build today.  Fossil fuels and the industries built around them are not the pathway to a better tomorrow.  Barrack Obama understands the reality that the most important thing we can leave to our children is clean water, clean air and a non-toxic environment in which to build their homes.  Without a clean environment there is no future for anyone.  Drill, Baby, drill is no longer a viable solution to the world's energy problems or the preservation of our planet.  The goal for the future viability of our planet and clean energy sources should be, "Heal, Baby heal".  I believe Barrack Obama accepts the reality of Global Warming.  He believes in the development of clean energy sources and technologies that reduce the pollutants in our planet's ecosystem.  I do too.

Barrack Obama understands that one individual's illness should not lead to the destruction of a family's future.  Health care costs are the single greatest financial threat to a family's security.  A single hospital stay can instantly wipe out a family's savings.  Unfortunately America is the only industrialized country in the world today where such a catastrophe is still allowed to occur.  Illness should not lead to financial ruin.  Whether the Health Care industry realizes the truth of this statement or not I do not care.  I believe in the truth of this statement.  Barrack Obama is trying to move our country into line with the most cultured and enlightened societies in the world today and I support his efforts.

Barrack Obama does not believe profit for the few leads to overall benefit for the many.  He believes in a future where Americans are more than consumers. He believes in the creation of jobs based upon newer and cleaner technologies.  He believes in the power of education to change the face of a society.  Barrack Obama believes that cutting entitlements for the poorest of people is of no value unless you cut the entitlements of the richest of people too.  Barrack Obama believes in a tax code where the rich pay their fair share.  Barrack Obama believes that a better future calls for investment by all of us and not simply sacrifice by the majority of us.  I believe in his vision of the future and the pathway he is laying out on how to get us there.  I will be voting for the individual I believe has the best in mind for the majority of us.  Trickle Down economics has never worked and never will work.  I'll be voting for the man who believes in leaving failed policies in the past and believes in trying new ideas to fix the problems of today that are dragging down the possibility of a brighter and better future for all of us living in America right now and not just protecting the wealth of a privileged few.  I'll be voting for Barrack Obama.

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