August 23, 2011

One hundred bottles of beer on the wall...

More than a store, this is a celebration of spirits.

One of the bright spots in my life since my recent divorce is the discovery of Belmont Party Supplies. It all started one day when my grill buddy next door and I were shopping at the local Krogers store for goodies to grill and as we stood before the beer selection they carry I lamented about bygone days when my buddies and I would visit a place called Woody's Little Farm and purchase beers you couldn't find anywhere else in the entire Dayton area. Unfortunately the Little Farm has since been bought out by a foreign interest and is now staffed by individuals who all seem to be named Habib and when you ask for a recommendation you'll be led to a cooler filled with Budweiser products and assured, "Berry popular, berry good beer. You want twelve pack?" I've been looking for a new beer home ever since.

So my grill buddy looks at me and says, "Dude, have you ever been to Belmont Party Supply?"

"I think I've heard of it, but I'm not sure if I've ever been there."

"It's right down the street if you want to check it out."

Well, I went on to tell my buddy that I'm a real beer snob and what the average consumer might consider a good selection rarely lives up to the standards of what I consider a quality selection of beers. I didn't hold out much hope, but since the store was close by I decided to give the place a quick once over and if nothing else pick up a six pack of something imported that would go with the food we were about to grill.

"Hallelujah, Sweet Jesus, I've died and gone to Heaven!"

I fell in love with Belmont Party Supply the moment I walked in and discovered a beer selection like I haven't seen in years. For the next hour I walked from aisle to aisle like a kid in a candy shop asking my buddy if he'd ever tried this or that beer. He told me he'd never even heard of the beers I kept going on about and kept urging me to hurry up and buy something so we could get home and get our grills fired up before the sun went down and our grilling time wound up being sometime around breakfast the next day. About that time a young man named Mike came up, introduced himself, said it sounded like I really knew my beers and asked if he could help me find something. We talked, I told him what beers were among my favorites and then I asked for some recommendations. By the time he was done I wound up walking out of the store with a six pack of goodies including a couple of bottles of Arrogant Bastard Ale, (My new favorite beer.) a bottle of Trappistes Rochefort and a couple of other tasty beverages that made the evening's cookout a very enjoyable experience.

In subsequent visits I have come to love the atmosphere of Belmont Party Supply. Once the staff gets to know you, you can't walk in the door without someone giving you a smile, waving you over and saying the magical words, "We just got this in, we only get this once a year and you gotta try it." I love those moments and thanks to some quality recommendations I've experienced amazing beers like Devil Dancer and Farmer's Tan. I've been turned on to beers like Double Crooked Tree India Pale Ale, Samuel Adams, Imperial White and Golden Monkey. I've participated in conversations with customers who love good beer and it always seems like a celebration rather than a shopping experience. Everyone you talk to is always saying things like, "Oh, if you like this or that, you'll love this or that." It may sound corny, but going to Belmont Party Supply is a love fest. If you're passionate about good beer this is the place to go.

Did I mention they carry wine and liquor too?

Belmont Party Supply is truly a one stop shop when it comes to your party needs. Whether you're looking to host a tasting event, pair beverages to culinary dishes or just grab a little something different to enjoy with friends, you won't be disappointed with the wide variety of beverages you'll find within the friendly walls of this establishment. I strongly urge you to introduce yourself to the great people who staff Belmont Party Supply, tell them what you like and ask for their recommendations. You won't be disappointed. The only recommendation I passed on recently was a beer called Raging Bitch. Like I told the guy at the checkout counter, "Sorry, but I'm just coming out of a divorce from one of those and I just can't see myself taking six of them home with me." (Yeah, it got a good laugh out of everyone there too.)

Belmont Party Supply
2621 South Smithville Road
Dayton, Ohio 45420

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