October 13, 2008

Looking for adventure, or whatever comes my way...

"So, you girls ever been to a Holiday Inn?"

Hello everyone! Mom and dad have a lot to do today with Bob’s memorial so I thought I’d help out and do a post for daddy’s blog. I know mom and dad are a little sad today so I thought I’d try and cheer them up with a recap of our trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was a really good family trip and I’m lucky to have two such super parents who share such adventures with me instead of leaving me at home with baby sitters.

What do you think of the cool bike my dad got me? I’m talking to a couple of hot chicks here and trying to get them to swing by our hotel later and join me in the hot tub. My daddy was right; he said the girls would go wild for a guy on a Harley. He says if I learn to play a few chords on the guitar I’ll be a legend by the time I reach second grade.

"You should hear this lady yodel!"

One of my favorite times during the trip was when we went to Dolly Parton’s, "Dixie Stampede". It’s really cool and has lots of horses and pretty girls doing all kinds of amazing things. Believe it or not; daddy was asked to help out in the show and he was really funny. I don’t know how he does it, but he always seems to get into the show and make people laugh.

"Mom says I look good in my swimming suit."

Here I am hanging out poolside and waiting for that waitress to bring me a sippy cup with my Pina-Colada in it. Man, life is good...

"I will deny this ever happened."

Yeah, mom thought this was a pretty funny picture. I hope none of the first graders see this or I’ll be the laughing stock of recess. Dad keeps trying to help me with my cool and mom keeps trying to work me into this cute thing. Mommies, what’s a kid to do?

"Nice doggie."

I found this really neat looking dog outside and rode it into the Christmas store. It really seemed to upset folks and they made me go outside and let the nice doggie go. Grownups just don’t know how to have a good time.

"Whew, I was just worn out from all the fun."

We did lots of fun things and by the end of the trip I was completely worn out. I thought I’d let mom and dad handle the driving on the way home and catch some Z’s. I really had a good time in Gatlinburg and I’d recommend the place to anyone looking to have a good time. I know my mom and dad are sad about the loss of their friend, but I’m sure glad they’re my parents and I hope we get to share many more good times together. Take care everyone, make every minute count, enjoy life and be good to those you love...

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