September 13, 2007

Lost in a lost world...

She said if I didn't finish the new blog she'd hurt me!

At last, a few minutes of free time to sit down and catch up on all the exciting coming and goings of the Bauman family. Ever since Pepper’s visit it has been a whirlwind of activity around here. There’s been lots of dragon baseball, including a playoff appearance. The 2007 roller Derby season has come to an end. Orchestra season has started and of course we’re al gearing up for the yearly “Dirk’s Birthday Extravaganza”. Thanks to all of my readers who’ve taken the time to wish me a Happy (belated) Birthday weeks before my birthday has even occurred.

I just don’t know what to say...

First off, the new blog, Articles of Skate is up and running. Yes, Eddie has suffered from a bit of neglect while I worked on getting the new site in order but things are now well established and I believe both blogs can now be maintained with equal attention. I hope everyone will visit the new blog and say hello.

Roller Derby has become a new passion of mine and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it is. I’ve worked up quite a track side persona including signs, routines and props. I think I enjoy the sport so much because it reminds me of bygone days much the same way as the Society for Creative Anachronism does for its participants. I enjoy the costuming aspect of the Roller Derby spectacle tremendously. Like the S.C.A. I enjoy slipping into a set of “armor” and storming up and down the sidelines doing my best to whip the crowd into a frenzied state of blood thirst. Roller Derby is fresh and new, it is still affordable unlike Wrestling, NASCAR and every other professional sporting endeavor you care to name. In a time of tight money this is an activity everyone can afford to participate in.

Micah thinks Dragon Baseball is
knuckle biting excitement.

Micah is doing wonderfully and it is amazing how quickly he is outgrowing what I would have figured to be lifetime worth of outfits we received as shower gifts and post birth presents. He is nearly able to flip himself over and it won’t be long before he is crawling around the house like a champion. You never believe it when you hear it, but I’m telling you, they grow so much faster than you can imagine possible.

The first time I've ever seen a grounds crew in action.

Our beloved Dayton, Dragons were defeated in the first round of the minor league baseball playoffs but it was a good series and the rain delay in the final game was one of my favorite baseball experiences of all time. Drew Stubbs, the Cincinnati Red’s first round draft pick really stunk the park up and I only hope he improves next season. He seemed a lot more interested in showing what a good eye he had at the plate as opposed to actually taking a swing at something and putting the ball in play.

Well, I just wanted to say hello to all my blogger peeps and let everyone know I hadn’t disappeared. It has been a busy end of summer...

Please drop by the new Roller Derby blog and say hello. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

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