May 2, 2011

On the highway to Hell...

Born: Who cares? Died: May 1, 2011

Every single time I've watched the people of the Arab world dancing in the street, celebrating by the hundreds of thousands over the death of a single Israeli child or western society citizen, I have prayed for the moment this bastard would finally fall into our hands and get his just reward. I've never trusted any individual of Arab descent since the bombing of the World Trade Center and the resulting celebrations I watched such an atrocity unleash among the Arab peoples that danced with glee in their homeland streets.

Bin Ladin and his actions were celebrated by many, many, hundreds of thousands of Arab people. His actions were applauded and celebrated by the general populace of the Arab world and he is still a beloved folk hero to them. Whenever I picture an image of what the Moslem's spiritual philosophies bring to the table of peace and harmony among the many varied cultures and races of mankind, it is the face of Bin Ladin I see; just one more in a long line of warriors with blood-soaked hands screaming for, Jihad, and the destruction of anything that isn't considered Holy in the scriptures of the Koran.

The face I see upon the Muslim religion and those who follow it's precepts is one of hatred, intolerance and violence. I never see a smile upon the countenance of a Muslim unless they are standing over the body of a dead Jew, burning a U.S. flag or publicly beating or executing a woman for violating Muslim laws of conduct. I personally find the people and their religion one of the most savage and barbaric of cultures remaining in the modern world today. It sickens me to watch their celebrations of violence on television. I find nothing beautiful, sacred or holy about their land, their people or their philosophies.

Last night, Bin Ladin, the face of the Muslim religion to the western world, was at last delivered into the hands of justice and executed like the mad dog he truly was. He was shot in the head, DNA samples were taken from his flesh and then his body was cast into the sea where even now it is being devoured by spindly-legged crustacean bottom-feeders. Tonight it is the western world's time to dance and celebrate.

Now, I don't care what anyone else thinks, feels or does in reaction to the death of, Bin Ladin, but I don't plan on ending my celebration of this moment until such time as the face of the Moslem philosophy changes from one of never-ending violence to one of tolerance, acceptance and understanding of the reality that no matter how persistent in their path of violence and destruction they are, not every knee will bow to the will of, Allah, nor should they.

I am dancing in celebration tonight, as I will continue to do, each and every time, another one of these terrorist-bastard's faces is wiped from the face of the earth, cast into the sea to be eaten by their fellow bottom feeders and then joins up with Bin ladin in the firey depths of Hell.

There is no joy in, Rama, tonight and that makes me happy...

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