May 26, 2011

Broomshakala II, Baby!

Brian, manning his post and, Phil, warming up chili.

Any broom-baller who wasn't at the, Trolley Stop, this past Saturday night for the season wrap up party missed a great night of revelry and celebration. The private party house at the, Trolley Stop, provided the perfect setting for a night of good food, good conversation and lot's of good clean fun and entertainment. There were door prizes! Really nice one's too.

Phil, wins again!?

Phil Cheesebrough had to have been riding a real hot streak of good luck as he kept winning door prize after door prize as the night wore on. It didn't matter who drew the numbers either, Phil just kept on racking up the prizes.

Cool moves on the dance floor.

There was plenty of dancing as the evening wore on as folks tried to burn off the calories from Phil's Famous Chili and awesome Sloppy Joes. There was a nice selection of sides too and even some very tasty homemade desserts. If you went home hungry, you just weren't eating.

Even the monkey had fun!

I'll just let the picture speak for itself on this on...

May 24, 2011

Like Folgers in your cup...

I bought the grill, I'm gonna use it...

The rains continue, but I ain't gonna let it stop me from the activities I enjoy. If the forecast calls for rain in the afternoon, I'll grill in the morning.

My next cooking lesson? How to make, Tuna Salad, in the can.

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