November 7, 2008

Do you see what I see...

"Oh have I got questions for you, Daddy!"

Now that the more mundane trivialities, such as presidential politics, have been taken care of it’s time to return to more substantive issues. As a stay at home father my eyes are opening up to a wide variety of things that weren’t important to me in days gone by. I am finding my son is increasingly asking me questions that require thoughtful and delicate answers.

For instance, yesterday, after a particularly mindless piece of children’s programming, my son looked up into my eyes with a puzzled look and I had to tell him the truth no matter how painful for him I knew it would be.

“That’s why the dinosaurs are extinct, son. We had to kill them for our own good. Purple isn’t always good, remember that as you go through life, Micah, sometimes purple is evil.”

I also have to wonder why does Higglytown have a pizza guy “hero”, but no organic farmer “hero”. The delivery driver of death-by-Mozzarella cheese-and-pepperoni is an individual to be looked up to and admired but, the Higglytown janitor doesn’t even warrant a name? (Are the writers of Higglytown Heroes Christian Conservatives?)

Not too long ago Micah said to me, “Dad, the Doodle Bops don’t have jobs, they just hang out in their clubhouse all day, then they get on a bus and go play music for three songs a show and they’re rolling in the money. Don’t you think it might be smarter to put money aside for me in a musical instrument fund instead of wasting it in a college fund? And by the way, dad, have you ever considered how much cheaper a motorcycle is than a car”

This morning he looked up at me after watching C.N.N. and said, “Daddy, Barack Obama and now Rahm Emanuel, are you sure Obama’s not a Moslem?”

“Well, Micah...” I replied. “I only know what the media tells me.”

Sometimes I wonder what he’ll be like when he’s two...

November 2, 2008

Come together, over me...

Sarah Palin and William Ayers in 2012?

Felicia, Micah and I attended her church's "Trunk or Treat" on Friday night. Imagine the photo opportunity when I in my William Ayers outfit ran across this Sarah Palin look-a-like in the parking lot.

Yes, it did indeed have the Mormon Conservatives screaming in terror.

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