October 1, 2007

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

"Yo, whats up, Homes?"

Hello, Micah here again. My dad has been watching a lot of sports lately so I'm filling in for him once again. We’re talking college football, playoff baseball, pro-football and even though he’d be the first to deny it I think I even saw him watching a NASCAR event. (It was after an Ohio State game so he may have just been sleeping off the beers in front of the T.V. and didn’t know what was on the tube.)

Dad has been teaching me about football and the superiority of the Cleveland browns over the Cincinnati Bengals. My daddy seems to know what he’s talking about because for all the talking they do the team in the awful striped uniforms sure seem to be pretty bad. Everyone seems to think their quarterback is so good but he reminds dad of a quarterback who used to play for the New England Patriots named Steve Grogan.

Dad says that Carson Palmer has a pretty good arm and completes a fair amount of his passes. Steve Grogan was gifted with the same kind of arm too. Unfortunately, Steve Grogan had one fatal flaw in his game according to dad. Although he didn’t throw a lot of interceptions the ones he did throw were always at the worst of times and they usually sealed the win for the opposing team. Daddy says that Carson Palmer has the very same flaw but for some reason people don’t see it. He says if you look at Palmer’s performances so far this season his flaw is painfully apparent.

Daddy says, “Son, it’s like us Brown’s fans have always said about the Bengals, “Who Dey?””

This weekend the Buckeyes are playing Purdue and the Browns are playing the Patriots. It could to prove to be a very long and difficult weekend for my dad.

Okay, following in my dad’s footsteps...

How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Yeah, like Republicans ever change anything for the better.

Later, Dudes...

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