May 19, 2008

Here comes EZ, EZ Rider...

The neighbors aren't laughing now...

Once gasoline hit $3.95 a gallon here in Dayton, Ohio and my P.T. Cruiser started sitting in the driveway it was my turn to laugh. The oil bastards are getting nothing from me and I'm not polluting the atmosphere with the remains of burnt fossil fuels.

Yes, I do use it to go everywhere. Only in America is the bicycle considered a toy. In every other country in the world the bicycle is considered a legitimate transportation vehicle. The Vietnamese drove the British out of their country using bicycles to move a Howitzer Cannon across their country and up a mountainside. The British awoke one morning to their compound being shelled and promptly beat feet for home. (True story, look it up in the Library of Congress)

And as an extra bonus, I'm beginning to lose a few pounds too...

In your faces, you corporate oil bastards. I'm also doing a lot more shopping at second time around stores. Screw you too, Walmart corporate swine.

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