January 15, 2009

Put your hat on...

Sometimes you wake up and it's just silly hat day...

He's to the age where I never really know just exactly what he'll do from one minute to the next. One thing I do know however is that I really like his style. He woke me up, he pointed and pointed until I got the point and the next thing I knew, it was silly hat day. He is the most wonderful thing, (along with his mama) that ever came into my life. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry with such joy and he fills me with eager anticipation of what he'll learn each and every day.

I'm so glad he'll never know the horror of being educated in a school run by the likes of hate filled minds like Hezbollah or Hamas. I'm so glad he'll never grow up believing in Jihad. I'm so glad he'll grow up with an open mind free of the poison of the teachings of Allah.

I'm so glad he'll learn to settle disagreements with his neighbors without rockets or acts of terrorism.

I'm so glad he's being raised as a little boy instead of a little soldier whose only purpose is to fight and die for a cause no greater than ignorant prejudice.

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