December 8, 2007

God rest ye merry gentlemen...

Minstrels greeting guests of
the manor to the Madrigal feast.

Last night Felicia and I had the delightful pleasure of attending the twenty-fifth anniversary of Wright State University’s Madrigal Dinner. It was our first experience with the event and we were unsure just what we should expect. To our complete satisfaction the evening turned out to be warm, wonderful and witty. It was a good way to kindle the flame of Christmas spirit and I would certainly recommend the Madrigal event to anyone who has never participated in it before.

The table settings were lovely
and the performers delightful.

We were lucky to share our end of the table with good company. Conversation was warm, comfortable and as satisfying as the fare that graced our table. We enjoyed the added benefit of sitting with the wife of one of the performers. Felicia and I were regaled with tales of her and her husband’s travels and the many dance troupes and period performance organizations they are a part of.

Toni and Tom Tumbusch,
Charming folk and a pleasure to sup with.

One of my favorite entertainments of the evening was a rendition of “Old McDonald Had a Farm” performed in Latin. It was cleverly done and everyone in the audience was clapping their hands and laughing in delight. Towards the end of the evening audience participation was encouraged during the performance of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. The room was divided into groups and as each of the choruses came around each one would pantomime an action corresponding with subject of the verse. Our table was fortunate enough to get “eight maids a milking” and every time the phrase came around we all stood up and did the milking motion with our hands. It was great fun.

Milord and Milady's table filled the feast
with laughter and song the entire evening.

As the feast wound down traditional yuletide carols filled the room with a warm and gentle spirit. Everyone joined in and it was like listening to a heavenly choir hearken the coming of the babe for whom the holiday is celebrated. It was a beautiful moment and one that did indeed kindle the flame of Christmas Spirit in everyone who shared the evening together. The event was truly delightful and if there is a similar Madrigal Feast in your neck of woods I would certainly suggest you give it a try.


Blogger Jay said...

That sounds like it would be cool. Things like this are what I like best about Christmas.

December 12, 2007 12:57 PM  
Blogger Bardouble29 said...

What a fun and delightful evening! Hope all is well with you and your family.

December 12, 2007 1:03 PM  

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