March 5, 2011

Batman, Batman...

If, Michael Jackson, had been photographed
with one of his wards, he'd still be
alive and in prison today.

It has often been said that a single picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true then what are we to make of the illustration above? We are presented with a disturbing look into the private life of one, Bruce Wayne, and his young ward, Dick Grayson, waking up in the morning after having shared the same bed all night long. Is this normal behavior between a single adult male and his adolescent ward? As far as I'm aware, one of the basic requirements for foster care is that wards be provided with their own bedroom. Is, Bruce Wayne, exempt from such legal statutes simply because he's wealthy? Why is young, Dick, wearing pink pajamas? What were the two of them up to all night long that now requires a cold shower and a big breakfast? And what about the room decor, pink lamps on the nightstand and purple comforters upon the master bed? Could any room be gayer? In my mind, this one picture raises serious questions as to the care being provided to the underage, Dick Grayson, by the older and still to this very day unmarried, Bruce Wayne.

Is there any more of that lotion left, Dick?”

Once again we are presented with a disturbing glimpse into the night time activities of, Bruce Wayne, and his young ward, Dick Grayson. An older man and a young boy sharing an evening of nudity and sunbathing. Again one is forced to ask, is this normal behavior between a foster care provider and the ward entrusted to his care? I think not. The more we look into the private life shared between, Bruce Wayne, and his adolescent young friend, Dick Grayson, the more we are presented with images such as the one above that lead to serious questions about both the moral character of, Bruce, and his abilities to provide proper care for the young boys so often entrusted to his care.

"I don't know how to love him... "

It is often the case that an individual finds himself conflicted between the inner sexual feelings he feels and the need to conform to the sexual roles expected by the society of which he is a part. When in the public eye, Bruce Wayne, dons a mask and a cape to protect his true identity. What about the message this sends young, Dick? How is the young adolescent boy ever to grow comfortable with his own sexual identity if, Bruce Wayne feels so uncomfortable and conflicted by his own?

Exactly the question I'd like to have an answer for...

Hanging out with the other super guys worried about who they may have touched and who is the individual, Batman, is most worried about? That's right, once again it is his young ward, Dick Grayson. Just exactly what, touching, is Batman concerned about? Did it occur while they were sharing a bed at the mansion? Could it possibly be the touching shared during the late night “sunbathing” party for two hosted by the sexually insatiable, Bruce Wayne? Just how rough did things get between the two of them that, Bruce Wayne, was forced to hide his true identity when picking the young boy up at the hospital? The poor young lad had to be carried to the Batmobile for god's sake! Am I the only person asking questions about the relationship between, Bruce Wayne, and the young, Dick Grayson? Must the young man die before someone does something? I hope not...

The End?


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