April 29, 2011

And the truth shall set you free...

The father of all lies, Joseph Smith.

My dearest, Micah. I know that your mother is currently raising you up in the LDS church and at this point in your life you have little control over the ideas she's exposing you to and presenting as fact. Your mother is not always correct and simply because she believes something is true does not always mean that she's correct in her assumptions.

Question your mother's belief systems before accepting them as fact. Think for yourself and develop your own belief systems. Your mother is a member of a religious cult. She is deluded and blind to any criticism of what she believes to be true. Don't repeat her mistake. I've compiled a list of websites exposing the fallacies of the LDS church for you. Visit them and you'll learn the truth of the LDS church. It isn't pretty...

1. Joseph Smith, huckster and fraud.

2. Errors of Mormonism.

3. Real Mormon History.

4. Junk scripture.

5. Exposing the deceptions.

6. Mormons who walked away.

Books that disprove the infallibility of the prophets.

1. The Salamander Papers.

False Prophecies.

1. The most grievous error.

My belief...

Micah, I may not know the whole truth about, God, or fully understand his nature or purpose for us, but I do know for a certainty that, Joseph Smith, was a fraud and that the church built upon his fantasies of metal plates and the angel, Moroni, are completely in error. Study for yourself and you'll come to learn the truth for yourself. Don't follow in your mother's misguided footsteps...


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